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We are the Australian distributor for Lock-n-stitch. LNS have created many types of pins, locks and inserts that have the ability to repair all types of cracks.


These special stitching pins are used daily by hundreds of repair technicians around the world to perform engine block crack repairs, cylinder head crack repairs and large cast iron housing repairs. Cylinder head repair to automotive and large industrial cylinder heads is a very large market for us. Sealing leaks and re-creating strength is very cost effective and reliable.

LNS lock design can pull the crack together and create the highest possible amount of strength in the repair. Rather than making a hole pattern by chiselling, like the method used in the old metal locking process, we utilize a high precision drill fixture to make the hole pattern completely by drilling, to receive the locks in order to assure the best and strongest possible repair.

LNS do not have a flimsy coil insert or another form of a common key locking insert with standard and incomplete external thread profile. Their Full-Torque thread replacement insert can repair cracked thread holes and result in a stronger hole than before cracking. These inserts will add strength instead of removing strength of the surrounding metal. This is a product that will exceed your expectations.

Mackay Spare Parts offer in house repairs in our Workshop in Brisbane Street, Mackay. Our tradesmen also travel Australia Wide to minimise downtime on site.

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